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Jenga always brings that special touch of memories. No matter the event, people always need something to play with to keep from being bored.

Jenga Set

SKU: 217537123517253
  • Renter agrees to package the Rental Items in the boxes provided by the Company. Renter agrees to return all other Rental Items, such as chalkboards, vases, votives, lanterns, and tabletops, in clean condition; failure to do so may result a cleaning fee to be determined at Company’s sole discretion depending on the extent of cleaning required, but equal to no more than the full rental rate of the item.

  • Renter agrees to pay a delivery fee (the “Delivery Fee”), if any, which is based upon those Rental Items itemized on the Rental Items List. Company agrees to deliver Rental Items door-to-door only, unless other arrangements are confirmed in writing. If Renter adds or changes Rental Items, or requests revised delivery/retrieval dates/times from the original booking, Company may increase the Delivery Fee.

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